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Extract of
Mediterranean snail
secretion and
Helix snails
We have a helix aspersa snail farm and
export live snail and snail secretion (mucin)
Ravlykova Khata LLC, a Ukrainian company specializing in snail farming and one of the largest distributors in Ukraine, introduces a profitable offer for wholesale the extract of Mediterranean snail secretion (Mucin) and Helix snails

About us
For export we work only with wholesale consumers
We are:
engaged in snail export to European countries
able to provide seasonal product volume of more than 200 tons
founders of ProSnail, a Ukrainian Association of Snail Breeders
distributors for the sale extract of Mediterranean snail secretion( mucin) produced from ecologically clean snails
Our products
100% Natural, dry, filtered extract of HELIX ASPERSA Mediterranean snail secretion
100% Natural liquid filtered of Mediterranean snail secretion extract HELIX ASPERSA
Helix snails (muller/maxima)
Production process
The price depends on the volume and characteristics of the products that are required by the customer.
Office location: 2/6 Novozabarska St., Kyiv, Ukraine

Contact person for all matters:

Yuliia Nastasivna, the director of RAVLYKOVA KHATA LLC
Mobile phone (Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat):
+38 (066) 703 61 93